Asset Management & Operations

An experienced team that supports asset developers and operators through the entire lifecycle, giving you the confidence that your risks are managed and service delivery and business continuity is assured.

Through delivering complex projects and managing asset portfolios in operating environments our highly skilled and experienced team supports clients nationally. We pride ourselves in having dedicated advisors who play vital roles delivering positive outcomes across multiple asset classes which includes built form environments, water, environmental and economic infrastructure.

Our whole of asset life approach begins at the capital investment planning stage and continues through planning, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance, renewal and disposal. Having key people that have worked in client organisations, we understand the implications that decisions made at the investment case, design and procurement stages can have on the service delivery outcomes and core business objectives around safety, reliability and market reputation.

We provide clients with clear visibility of their critical assets, enabling them to sustain the required service levels, effectively manage their risks, forecast costs, avoid unnecessary maintenance and future-proof their assets. With our market leading digital capability, we offer data analysis solutions and tailored visualisations to support asset management reporting platforms.

Key Services

Our strategic asset management planning services maximise the service delivery potential as well as manage the related risks and costs over the lifecycle of assets. This includes strategic documentation, incorporating policies, asset management plans, specifications and reporting and key performance indicator (KPI) development, as important outputs.

Our Asset Maturity Modelling is developed in line with ISO55000 Standards and aligns with our clients’ strategic asset management and targeted benchmarking requirements.

Our Asset Due Diligence reporting services evaluate or support a major capital investment or asset transaction process.

Asset assessment is important for establishing the state of the assets, demonstrating that maintenance and essential care activities are cost-effective, identifying risks and mitigations and ultimately feeding data to lifecycle planning activities.

The services we offer include:

  • Performing technical assessments of assets and planning for their requirements over their lifespan.
  • Drawing on our knowledge of Government objectives, capital investment planning strategies that directly align to our client’s objectives, ensuring compliance and expenditure targets are met, and efficiencies are gained.

Facility Management Briefs and Specifications that cover both soft and hard facility management services. Developing and testing performance management frameworks and KPIs.

Supporting the process from commissioning through to transitioning into operations.

  • Operational Commissioning and Handover Plans
  • Operational programming and scheduling
  • Operating Model

Related Sectors

Richard Mueller

Richard has more than 25 years’ experience specialising in water, waste and environmental sectors. He held positions on the board of the Ti-Tree BioEnergy Facility and numerous Veolia Water Australia entities.

He has held senior positions on large scale infrastructure projects in the bid, design, commissioning and operational phases including Gold Coast and Sydney Desalination plants, Springvale/Mount Piper power station and Australia’s first large scale waste to energy facility in Kwinana Perth.

Richard is an excellent communicator providing his teams with extensive knowledge and experience to deliver projects successfully, reduce operational risks and improve financial outcomes under environmentally sustainable frameworks.

Dr Mano Nugapitiya

Mano is a qualified project specialist with a strong background in asset management, facility management and operations.

Mano delivers a whole of life asset approach to projects which he has demonstrated over more than 25 years’ experience in the industry. He has extensive experience planning and delivering large scale projects in social and economic infrastructure, predominantly in the public sector.

Specialising in the front end of projects, Mano ensures programs are aligned to organisation business strategies. His specialist skills also includes due diligence, technical leadership, business cases and transaction management.

Zach Phillips

Zach is an experienced asset manager specialising in project management, data systems, lifecycle asset planning and reliability engineering with a history leading technical teams to deliver innovative systems.

Zach has held senior positions on large scale water projects and been responsible for the delivery of asset management enterprise IT systems and support services, developing an ANZ wide asset management strategy to manage more than $10 billion of infrastructure assets.

He has worked with global asset management stakeholders and information systems preparing business cases and implementing integrated CMMS reporting solutions for fleet businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Liam Callaghan

Liam is an infrastructure advisory specialist. With extensive experience delivering leading infrastructure projects, Liam’s technical expertise, asset management capabilities, transport planning and strategic project experience underpins his ability to achieve successful outcomes for every project.

With experience working across Australia and internationally, Liam is an accomplished asset management strategist, with demonstrated expertise in designing and implementing asset management systems compliant with international standard ISO55001. Through extensive experience in delivering infrastructure projects, Liam brings technical leadership and strategic senior management experience with Government, asset operators and major organisations across Australia.

Liam has considerable expertise in infrastructure planning, civil and railway engineering, project management and team/stakeholder management and is proficient in commercial and contract management.