Infrastructure Advisory

We deliver positive social outcomes for the community.

Our people form project teams built on expertise, complimentary skills, and a deep understanding of the project and its critical success factors. With the growing need for new and improved infrastructure to support our communities, we take the time to understand the needs, anticipate the benefits and align on the objectives. Ontoit Infrastructure Advisors understand the environment and take a collaborative approach to project strategy, leadership and commercial advisory.

We regularly advise both public and private sector organisations in developing compelling business cases, investment strategies, financial modelling, commercial structuring and transaction leadership. We drive capital efficiency and enhance delivery outcomes. We work with clients across many sectors, including Transport, Sport and Entertainment, Justice, Arts and Culture, Health, Education, Cities, and Environment.

Our strength lies in our people, supported by effective processes and technology. Our team has a diverse range of commercial expertise and technical qualifications, including corporate finance, business, economics, architecture, engineering, quantity surveying and project management. This enables us to provide quality advice from a highly informed perspective.

Key Services
  • Commercial Leadership Advice
  • Procurement and Deliverable Advice
  • Financial Modelling and Analysis
  • Transaction Management
  • Business Cases
  • Bid strategy and Preparation
  • Rail Operations Planning
  • Transport Planning
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Digital Services
  • Asset Management and Capital Planning
  • Project Recovery

Mario D'Elia

Managing Partner, Mario D’Elia, is a respected industry leader with strong government and private sector project acumen. With vast experience in the development and implementation of major capital projects, including transport, water and social infrastructure, Mario has expertise in providing financial, commercial and strategic advice to both public and private entities.

As a former national partner at PwC, leading its Infrastructure Advisory Practice for over 20 years, Mario has a proven background as an advisor on infrastructure projects under various government procurement models involving the private sector.

Mario’s extensive career experience also includes time as an accountant, investment banker locally and internationally, and he sits on the Board of the Coliban Water Authority and the Office of Projects Victoria.

Lindel James

Partner, Lindel James, is an industry leading infrastructure and government contracting advisor. With extensive government and private sector experience, Lindel brings expertise to broad range of services, including commercial and financial structuring, infrastructure procurement, business case development, procurement strategy, and management of infrastructure and government services projects.

Lindel has advised on a wide range of iconic projects in sectors such as rail, roads, hospitals, justice, education, research and defence – with responsibilities including designing and analysing complex payment and performance regimes, financial analysis, commercial principles development, contract negotiations and advice on contract implementation including refinancing, changes in control and modifications.

Lindel’s eye for detail and big picture strategic thinking continues to create exceptional value for clients. This breadth of knowledge and depth of experience is the culmination of prior positions at a Big 4 professional services firm and a boutique PPP investment house.

Martin Coates

Managing Partner, Martin Coates, is an experienced big picture thinker with a broad perspective garnered from leadership positions across government departments, major consulting businesses and private sector development and construction businesses. With his has a unique ability to analyse issues, risks and opportunities for clients, Martin is regularly called upon to undertake strategic reviews at critical project milestones.

Martin brings extensive experience in establishing commercial principles and contract risk allocations tailored to specific project and market settings. His knowledge spans multiple sectors, including various forms of social infrastructure, and has worked on projects adopting various delivery methods, including PPP, Alliancing, D&C, Managing Contractor and Construction Management.

Martin’s ability to positively influence people and motivation to build productive and high performing project and organisational teams benefits every stakeholder he works with – always with a steady hand and unflappable nature in high pressure major project environments.

Raelene Lockhorst

Executive Director, Raelene Lockhorst, is an accomplished consulting professional in the feasibility, planning, and delivery of infrastructure, urban realm and placemaking projects and programs. With over twenty years’ experience, Raelene has led the procurement and delivery of major infrastructure projects in Health, Sport, Arts, Tertiary Education, Defence Estate and Infrastructure.

Having developed multiple master plans, over 25 business cases, and various forms of contract delivery models, such as D, CO, D&C, ECI and PPP, Raylene has deliver projects that total over $3.4b.

Raelene’s unique approach is the culmination of public sector client-side program, project director roles, and private sector strategic consulting and project management roles across Canberra, Sydney and London.

Viraj Perera

Partner, Viraj Perera, is a highly experienced project leader with a strong blend of engineering and commercial expertise. With proven expertise in leading, managing, and delivering complex and significant transactions, Viraj has delivered outcomes on behalf both government bodies and the public sector.

Viraj has held numerous executive level public-sector positions and brings market excellence in managing complex stakeholder environments. He has an extensive track record in PPPs and innovative structured finance transactions, and also the leveraging of private investment to offset public sector costs.

Viraj’s approach to fostering meaningful engagement between the private and public sectors is particularly sought out for unique project situations where innovation is required to deliver value for money outcomes. This is Viraj’s passion and underpins his success on challenging projects.

Peter Hunkin

Executive Director, Peter Hunkin, is a senior transport planning leader with outstanding stakeholder management skills, and is a skilled facilitator of options analysis for feasibility studies and business case studies involving MCA processes. With over 40 years’ experience on the development and delivery of major transport projects across Australia, New Zealand, and overseas, Peter is an asset to every team he leads.

Peter has established a strong reputation for transport advisory with a focus on major road and rail corridor projects – including PPP project delivery – across the eastern seaboard. Many of Peter’s toll road PPP projects have included due diligence roles supporting the transactions for market led proposals, or sale of toll road assets, or future business planning.

Peter’s proven background in the areas of transport network policy advice, and the delivery of strategic network demand models, transport planning and options assessment, is apparent in every engagement, delivery and outcome.

Jamin Crawley

Executive Director, Jamin Crawley, is a dynamic, high-experienced project advisor and project manager. With a strong focus on transaction and procurement management, contract administration and cost management experience, Jamin has an extensive background across many sectors, industries and project modes.

Working on a range of major high-profile infrastructure, residential, commercial, education, retail, leisure, health and industrial projects, Jamin turns valuable insights into the challenges and risks associated with construction and infrastructure projects from both the client and contractor’s perspective.

Jamin has a proven history in a range of public and private projects – from inception through feasibility, procurement, delivery and handover requirements. He strives to achieve the best outcome for projects for the benefit of our clients and their customers.

Adriana Enriquez Stockton

Adriana is a skilled infrastructure and advisory specialist with extensive commercial and financial expertise. Adriana’s knowledge of complex financial and operational modelling, budget management, and procurement strategy has seen her provide commercial and financial results for the Government and private sector.

Adriana has amassed considerable experience in the preparation and delivery of PPP projects, financial modelling, deal structuring, budget reporting, and account formulation. Her commercial and financial planning of major infrastructure projects spans across the economic development, transport, housing, health, and education sectors.

Adriana’s leadership in strategic transaction advisory, and resolution engagements provides clients and stakeholders with the understanding that comes from delivering major transactions and PPP projects.

Liam Callaghan

Director, Liam Callaghan, is an infrastructure advisory specialist. With extensive experience delivering leading infrastructure projects, Liam’s technical expertise, asset management capabilities, transport planning and strategic project experience underpins his ability to achieve successful outcomes for every project.

With experience working across Australia and internationally, Liam is an accomplished asset management strategist, with demonstrated expertise in designing and implementing asset management systems compliant with international standard ISO55001. Through extensive experience in delivering infrastructure projects, Liam brings technical leadership and strategic senior management experience with Government, asset operators and major organisations across Australia.

Liam has considerable expertise in infrastructure planning, civil and railway engineering, project management and team/stakeholder management and is proficient in commercial and contract management.