Public Housing Renewal Program

Across eight sites, The Public Housing Renewal Program will grow and sustain the supply of social housing in Victoria. This work will improve the quality of public housing estates Brunswick West, Clifton Hill, Flemington, Heidelberg West, North Melbourne, Northcote, Prahran and Preston – providing communities with positive progress.

By partnering with property developers, the Director of Housing will unlock land value to partially fund the reconstruction of an increased number of public houses on each site, plus improve the social cohesion through tenure blind design and promoting communities within the estates.

The Program requires significant logistical effort to manage relocation of existing tenants, demolition and reconstruction in stages to ensure no reduction of properties available for persons eligible for Public Housing.

The Program continues to attract media attention due to the diverse motivations and expectations of stakeholders.

Ontoit is the Transaction Manager for Stage One of the Program – a three phase procurement process to progress development transactions for four program site packages to financial close and contract execution.

Services provided:

  • Budget Management
  • Development & Bid Strategy
  • Financial and Economic Modelling
  • DTF Gateway Review Management
  • Governance Structure advice
  • Procurement
  • Program Monitoring
  • Project Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Tender Process Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Policy Strategy Advice
  • Program Reporting
Project Details
Department of Health and Human Services
$2 billion
In progress