With a vast range of in-depth experience in Transport, our people have helped make vital improvements to public transport efficiency, rail operations and large-scale road upgrades.

Working across all modes of Transport Planning and Infrastructure, our capability extends across the entire project lifecycle, from policy development to project delivery, providing clients with sound technical analysis that supports key decision making. With a rigorously developed evidence-based approach, we are adept at identifying key risks in the Transport sector and quickly develop delivery strategies to mitigate these, ensuring our clients gain optimal value.

We understand that planning major transport infrastructure requires a deep knowledge of the policy context, transport network, systems, commercial drivers and stakeholders. Our demonstrated understanding of the risks and challenges in transport planning and land use planning helps inform strategic business decisions.

Key Services
  • Transport Planning and Modelling
  • Rail and Airport Operations Planning
  • Economic Analysis and Business Cases
  • Commercial Leadership and Advice
  • Procurement Strategy and Deliverability Advice
  • Transaction Management / Schedule Management
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis and Whole-Of-Life Cost Management
  • Financial Modelling and Analysis
  • Asset Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Project Management Office Services
  • Digital PMO Services
  • Program Leadership Services

Martin Coates

Managing Partner, Martin Coates, is an experienced big picture thinker with a broad perspective garnered from leadership positions across government departments, major consulting businesses and private sector development and construction businesses. With his has a unique ability to analyse issues, risks and opportunities for clients, Martin is regularly called upon to undertake strategic reviews at critical project milestones.

Martin brings extensive experience in establishing commercial principles and contract risk allocations tailored to specific project and market settings. His knowledge spans multiple sectors, including various forms of social infrastructure, and has worked on projects adopting various delivery methods, including PPP, Alliancing, D&C, Managing Contractor and Construction Management.

Martin’s ability to positively influence people and motivation to build productive and high performing project and organisational teams benefits every stakeholder he works with – always with a steady hand and unflappable nature in high pressure major project environments.

Liam Callaghan

Director, Liam Callaghan, is an infrastructure advisory specialist. With extensive experience delivering leading infrastructure projects, Liam’s technical expertise, asset management capabilities, transport planning and strategic project experience underpins his ability to achieve successful outcomes for every project.

With experience working across Australia and internationally, Liam is an accomplished asset management strategist, with demonstrated expertise in designing and implementing asset management systems compliant with international standard ISO55001. Through extensive experience in delivering infrastructure projects, Liam brings technical leadership and strategic senior management experience with Government, asset operators and major organisations across Australia.

Liam has considerable expertise in infrastructure planning, civil and railway engineering, project management and team/stakeholder management and is proficient in commercial and contract management.

Trent Ekanayake

Senior Associate, Trent Ekanayake, is a seasoned transport advisory consultant and market leading transport modelling professional. With experience across financial advisory and engineering consulting firms, Trent provides multi-disciplinary leadership skills and a diverse technical skillset in transport infrastructure assessment for effective investment decision making.

Trent’s core experience has been on nationally significant road and rail projects through several stages of the infrastructure lifecycle. This includes leading streams on feasibility studies and strategic assessments for major city shaping rail projects, to managing teams on final business cases for network resilience building major road projects. He has also provided oversight and technical support to design teams through various project delivery stages.

His technical expertise covers multiple aspects of multi-modal transport infrastructure and services evaluation, including; transport planning, transport modelling, transport economics and traffic engineering. He also possesses specialist expertise in multi-tier transport modelling and analytics, with hands on skills from demand forecasting to operational network modelling. This breadth and depth of expertise in the transport sector make Trent an effective leader in transport project assessment and an asset to any multi-disciplinary team.