Sunshine Coast Airport

Sunshine Coast Airport is used by over a million passengers annually, servicing 11,000 aircraft movements and employing more than 500 people.

By 2040 it is forecast that eight airlines will carry approximately three million passengers and the Airport will employ more than 1,550 people.

To address the expected growth in tourism in the region and consequently the projected increase in aircraft movements to the Airport, an analysis of the current facility management services model was required.


Our role

Ontoit was engaged to analyse the current facilities management services and develop a strategy to improve the efficiency of soft and hard services as the majority of their service contracts were ad-hoc and delivered by a combination of in-house personnel and external service providers.

We provided advice to enable economies of scale and efficiencies by combining a number of services and improving service standards through the introduction of a performance management framework. Our comprehensive experience and knowledge of airports, and our specialist asset management capability enabled us to collaborate effectively with the key stakeholders and decision-makers.



Improvements were made to the standard of service to align to a world class airport operation. Local and regional suppliers were sourced to establish increased capability for their facilities management which resulted in optimising value for money for SCAPL.

Project Details
Sunshine Coast Airport Pty Ltd (SCAPL)