Here at Ontoit we know from experience that improvements to the urban environment result in a precincts' social, economic, and ecological performance that better supports future growth and improvement for residents' quality of life.

We have successfully led and managed an array of activities in precincts that have resulted in better pedestrian and motorist experiences. The inclusion of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have improved overall planning, allowing for the efficient and effective roll out of infrastructure as the precinct grows and develops.

Our teams have assisted in the planning and delivery of mixed private and social housing developments surrounding these projects to make lives better for residents and communities.

We have also successfully led technical teams on some of Australia’s most significant urban transformation projects, from multi-storey commercial developments, residential and retail developments to special-purpose industrial and institutional buildings and facilities.

Having planned and delivered a vast number of projects within precincts across Australia, we provide our clients with years of collective knowledge, insights, and findings ensuring value for money is provided at every stage.


Our teams provide a range of services to property owners, developers, institutions and government agencies including:

  • developing procurement strategies
  • providing governance advice and transaction management
  • 4D modelling and Building Information Modelling (BIM) integration
  • risk management
  • tender assessments and evaluation
  • the development of feasibility studies, master plans and business cases

Dr Mano Nugapitiya

Mano is a qualified project specialist with a strong background in asset management, facility management and operations.

Mano delivers a whole of life asset approach to projects which he has demonstrated over more than 25 years’ experience in the industry. He has extensive experience planning and delivering large scale projects in social and economic infrastructure, predominantly in the public sector.

Specialising in the front end of projects, Mano ensures programs are aligned to organisation business strategies. His specialist skills also includes due diligence, technical leadership, business cases and transaction management.

Viraj Perera

Viraj is an experienced project leader with a blend of engineering, financing, and commercial expertise in leading and managing complex projects.

He is experienced in leading and delivering successful projects in the private and public sectors and brings market excellence in managing complex stakeholder environments and significant transactions. Viraj has held numerous executive level public sector roles and has an extensive track record in PPPs, Development Agreements and innovative structured finance transactions.

Viraj’s approach to fostering meaningful engagements between the private and public sectors is a skillset that is sought out for unique project situations requiring an innovative approach to deliver value for money outcomes.

Lindel James

Lindel is an industry leading infrastructure and government contracting advisor with extensive public and private sector experience gained in professional services and PPPs.

Lindel has advised on a wide range of iconic projects in the housing, health, justice, education, rail, roads and defence sectors. Her expertise includes project leadership, commercial structuring and negotiations, performance regime design, financial analysis and advice on contract implementation, including refinancings and modifications.

Lindel is also experienced in financial structuring, infrastructure procurement, business case development, procurement strategies and managing infrastructure and government services projects.

Vivek Dodani

Vivek is an experienced project finance and infrastructure specialist who has advised on more than $20 billion worth of projects and delivered strategic, commercial and financial advice for large complex infrastructure projects.

He has extensive experience in market led proposals and capital financing, working with multiple state-owned entities, private sector and multilateral agencies to finance infrastructure projects.

A transport specialist, Vivek has worked on a number of rail and urban renewal projects that have included Suburban Rail Loop, West Gate Tunnel Project, Melbourne Metro and the High-Capacity Metro Trains project.