V/Line – Various Projects

Committed to modernising their network with more track, more trains, better facilities and more services V/Line are delivering projects which will improve infrastructure and rolling stock.

Ontoit worked with V/Line on a number of different projects from 2014 to 2021 including:

Corridor Strategies and Network Asset Management Plan

Ontoit developed V/Line’s Asset Corridor Strategies for each of their seven rail corridors, evaluating the impacts of three different funding scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: What will the impacts be if current levels of funding are maintained?
  • Scenario 2: How much will it cost to maintain condition of the network?
  • Scenario 3: How much will it cost to improve condition/performance to meeting specific service targets?

These strategies presented the projected impacts of the differing funding levels over time, including asset condition, service punctuality and service reliability, as well as projected impacts on routine maintenance costs.


Rail Operations Plan

The Rail Operations Plan (ROP) was integral to ensuring the State could deliver the first Victorian Rail Network Concept of Operations, which is an integrated rail operations plan between Metro Trains Melbourne and V/Line.

The ROP details the current state of V/Line rail operations for every division of the railway, the required future configuration state at Melbourne Metro Day One and a gap analysis to enable the Executive Leadership Group to commence the transformation project.

Ontoit provided advisory and asset management services specialising in rail operations to develop V/Line’s ROP. Working closely with V/Line stakeholders across the business we developed and implemented a plan for the seven-year transformation program.


V/Line Seven Year Asset Management Plan

V/Line continues to experience continued growth and a significant increase in train services as the population of regional Victoria grows. The Seven Year Asset Management Plan was needed to analyse and identify the investment required in regional public transport infrastructure to meet the needs and growing demands on regional services.

Ontoit coordinated and inputted into the seven-year funding submission and to develop a business case that included preliminary project costing, whole of life costing and risk evaluation for the State Government of Victoria.

The Asset Management Plan was endorsed and adopted by V/Line’s Executive Leadership team and presented to the Transport Minister, now forming part of V/Line’s strategic outlook.


Plant & Equipment Maintenance Review

Ontoit carried out a holistic review of V/Line’s plant and equipment, including asset analysis; current state and future state assessments; roadmap development; gap analyses; stakeholder engagement/management; and detailed report development.

We led the end-to-end delivery of the project in coordination with V/Line’s Finance Department, delivering a report that outlined strategic interventions, demonstrated considerable organisational efficiencies, and calculated the financial benefits of the recommendations.


V/Line Project Assurance Framework

A Project Assurance Framework (PAF) was required for projects delivered by V/Line to ensure they are developed using a consistent systematic assurance approach. The PAF provides guidance and outlines the requirements of projects by demonstrating (through evidence) that a project fulfils its operational, functional and business requirements, has had risks managed So Far as is Reasonably Practicable (SFAIRP), managed enterprise risk and will allow V/Line to safely operate as a business during and after project delivery.

We provided technical expertise in system engineering and assurance in railway operations and construction to develop a PAF that provided the requirements and guidance for V/Line’s projects.


664 Collins Street, Docklands – Mirvac Development

Developed by Mirvac, 664 Collins Street was one of two properties constructed over platforms 15 and 16 at Southern Cross Station. The building features an elevated Skydeck with an arcade that connects Collins and Bourke Streets in Melbourne.

Ontoit was engaged to manage the rail interface as part of the construction over an operating live rail environment. Reporting directly to V/Line’s leadership team we worked closely with their legal and commercial teams to administer the commercial agreement (rail access agreement) and manage written and verbal communications with the builder reviewing the construction methodology and design to ensure the project was planned safely and coordinated with rail occupations to minimise disruption to train operations.

Project Details
2014 to 2021