Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is Australia’s leading sports agency. As Australia’s strategic High Performance sport agency, the AIS plays a significant role in supporting the delivery of the ASC objectives with it being is responsible and accountable for leading the delivery of Australia’s international sporting success.

The AIS campus is an 84 hectare site that is central to the asset base that positions the ASC and the AIS to deliver the services and support to sport around the country.

Ontoit was engaged to assess the best way to align the composition of the assets with the precinct with the business strategy for the AIS and identify the future and current needs and to develop a master plan for the precinct that delivers a sustainable outcome for the AIS.

Our team led the master planning process and the delivery of a business case for the capital improvements needed to deliver on the needs of the AIS and requirements to optimise the use of the campus, as well as leverage the asset base to position the AIS for a sustainable future.

Project Details