Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) Asset Management Strategy and Plan

More than 1.5 million people flock to Sydney Cricket Ground and nearby Allianz Stadium every year to catch their favorite sports and celebrity heroes in action.

Operated by Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust (SCGT), the popular precinct at Moore Park includes a sports museum, fitness centre and headquarters for four major sporting clubs, spanning rugby league, rugby union, football and AFL.

Supporting the precinct’s successful future, Ontoit completed an asset condition and risk review of the Sydney Cricket Ground grandstands including the Members’ and Ladies’ stands for a 10-year maintenance plan.

Our team added value by introducing a user-friendly, interactive, graphical ‘dashboard’ that enables SC&SGT’s facilities management team to easily assess and analyse data.

Services provided:

  • Project Leadership
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Capital Investment Plan
  • Business Case
  • Capital Works Governance Framework
  • Asset Condition Assessment
  • Asset Management
  • Maintenance Management System Specification
Project Details
Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust
$99 million