NSW Ambulance PMO

NSW Ambulance have established a project management office (PMO) for the delivery of the radio telecommunications program and required assistance with a formally consolidated and complete project management framework.

Ontoit was engaged by NSW Ambulance to provide advisory services for the establishment of a suite of project management office processes and procedures to guide the establishment, planning, delivery and close out of projects for NSW Ambulance.

Ontoit was engaged to deliver for NSW ambulance:

  • A PMO framework,
  • Ontoit was engaged to develop a Business Case (in the NSW Treasury format) to seek NSW Health funding for an interim solution, until a future solution strategy could be resolved.
  • The Business Case needed to be delivered within an 8-week period due to the criticality of the eMR risk to NSW Ambulance’s frontline services.
Project Details
NSW Ambulance
$500+ million