Wilsons Promontory Revitalisation Project

The Wilsons Prom Revitalisation Project (WPRP) has $23 million from the Victorian Government as part of the $633 million Visitor Economy Recovery and Reform Plan.

The project will deliver an exclusion fence, supported by conservation programs, that will help make the national park a sanctuary where native animals and plants can thrive. In addition, upgraded visitor facilities, walking trails and accommodation will allow people to visit, stay and learn about the Prom in a sustainable way.

When complete, the Project will preserve the significant cultural landscape and connection to Country. The exclusion fence will support the recovery and re establishment of native animals, plants and habitats. Visitor experience will be enhanced through new walks, accommodation options and upgrade to visitor centre and improve traffic management and congestion to reduce impact of vehicles and increase the safety of visitors to the site. Ontoit is engaged as Lead Senior Project Manager and Project Manager on this project and sub-projects.

This involves the following:
• Report to the project steering committee and providing secretariat support to governance bodies.
• Driving scope development and alignment with budget constraints including value management, prioritisation and definition of individual projects.
• Master program preparation, management and reporting.
• Demonstrating and understanding and aligning of interests program and project requirements with three traditional owner groups with competing unresolved
• Managing and coordinating Commonwealth, State,and local planning, environmental and cultural

Project Details