NSW Rugby Union Centre of Excellence

The new NSW Rugby Centre of Excellence (CoE) will become the new home for NSW Rugby Union (NSWRU) and the Warratahs.

It will be the central hub for all community rugby teams across the state and transform the 144 year old grounds and facilities, making them fit for the future and aligned to the mission to “Care, connect and unify the game in NSW”.

A requirement of the project was to develop world class playing, training and administration facilities that focussed on community participation. The new centre will feature a brand new international standard rugby field, 500m2 gym facility, medical facilities, team theatrette, analysis room, recovery spaces (hot and cold pools and sauna) and administration spaces.

The Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) for NSWRU considers the whole lifecycle of the building, from the earliest stages of design through to construction, operation and demolition. The development maximises the potential for passive environmental impacts through the application of natural ventilation, incorporation of renewable energy and opportunities to integrate ecological water management into the design of rain, stormwater and wastewater systems.


Our role

Originally Ontoit was engaged by NSWRU to lead the feasibility and master planning phases for the project. This was extended to managing the project development and delivery phases for the Centre.

We led the consultancy teams to deliver a comprehensive feasibility study and asses the site options based on multi-criteria assessments. Our team was appointed to provide project management services to facilitate the design development and delivery of the project, this included developing a vendor partnership strategy, complex stakeholder engagement, market sounding and procurement.


Innovative bespoke dashboard reporting

As a value add for the project, we developed an innovative bespoke dashboard reporting tool for NSWRU. This provided the ability to collate data from multiple sources into a single visual platform providing insights on various aspects of the project including time, cost and risk.

The dashboard reporting tools provides real-time data availability, smart insights and predictive forecasting. Advanced visualisation concepts improve audience impact, and a scalable data structure to design business and project KPIs using various data sources.

Project Details
NSW Rugby Union (NSWRU)
$18 million

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