Murray Basin Rail Project

The Murray Basin Rail Project will deliver a $440 million upgrade to improve Victoria’s rail freight network, providing the north west region with better rail freight services and more choices for less cost.

Ontoit was appointed to provide specialist expertise in the development of the Project Scope and Technical Requirements for the Murray Basin Rail Project Future Stages.

Our expert advisors developed the Project Scope and Technical Requirements (PS+TR) for open-market procurement. Ontoit were able to successively develop the PS+TR in a manner that greatly reduced the risk of scope variation and cost over-runs using both their extensive experience in brownfields railway asset management and through a structured consultation process with internal and external stakeholders including the incumbent railway operator.

Ontoit also provide systems assurance expertise to ensure that the PS+TR met the requirements of both the Client Requirements and Rail Infrastructure Manager requirements. This systems assurance provides traceability and evidence that the PS+TR will provide outcomes that meet the project objectives.

Project Details
Rail Projects Victoria
$440 million