Mornington Peninsula Shire Council Maintenance Service Delivery Strategy

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council (MPSC) delivers a substantial and varied range of infrastructure maintenance services across the Peninsula. These services are critical for maintaining the natural and built environments across the Mornington Peninsula.

MPSC currently has six infrastructure maintenance contracts with three service providers that deliver most of the maintenance activity under the council’s responsibility. These contracts are all due to expire by June 2023 and the Council sought to explore opportunities to enhance the service delivery model to improve outcomes for the community while returning value for money.


Our role

Ontoit was engaged to develop a Future Maintenance Services Delivery Model and assist MPSC with an implementation plan to transition to the new model referencing the review analysis and lessons learnt from the management of current contracts.

Developing the Future Maintenance Services Delivery Model included engaging with various stakeholders, interviewing contract managers and benchmarking with other councils, reviewing the current contracts and the results of the EOI process. We developed different packaging and contracting options, which were workshopped with key stakeholders. We also worked with stakeholders to develop the key strategic objectives which was the basis for selecting the preferred contracting model and assisted MPSC to develop a risk register for the project and procurement process.


Project Details
Mornington Peninsula Shire Council
Completed 2022