Gariwerd Projects – GPT Trail Heads Development & Mackenzie Falls Revitalisation

To further improve access to the Grampians Peaks Trail, the Victorian Government is investing $5 million to create new trailheads and upgrade existing trailheads. Northern Grampians Shire Council has committed a further $200,000 for the Halls Gap trailhead.

This project will provide additional trailheads that will be critical to managing the visitor experiences of hikers, walkers and campers along the Grampians Peaks Trail. Three new trailheads at Gar, Griffin and Redman Road were completed in late 2021, around the time the Grampians Peaks trail opened in November. The remaining trailheads are due to be completed during 2024. The project includes architectural features at major trailheads in Halls Gap and at Mt Zero as well as signage, interpretive material, and potentially other amenities like upgraded toilets, water tanks and the like.

The MacKenzie Falls Revitalisation project will provide an improved experience at the site, with enhanced views, trail connections and facilities planned. Safety and access will be improved in the carpark, on trails and at the base of the falls. While the full scope for the project is still being determined it is likely to include improved educational
and interpretive signage, a new lookout at the base of the falls, a new return loop trail, walking trail upgrades, safety improvements, and improved parking and congestion management. Our role is project management support to the PV team, working with them and on their behalf on all day to- day activities. Our engagement commenced when the previous internal PM resigned, and PV were not able to recruit a person for the role.

Project Details