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Survey Results | What does Education look like before and after COVID?

September 21, 2020

We sought educators, parents, and students to contribute thoughts, experiences, and opinions on the education systems and processes through COVID-19.

Different people and different parts of the media state that some aspects of online learning aren’t working. We aimed to find out what’s working well across K-12 and tertiary, and primarily: what needs to be improved?

  • Initial findings have 56.7% of educators reporting their teaching as more effective online compared to pre-covid. Surprisingly nearly 40% of educators surveyed report their online teaching skills as below average or novice.
  • Findings show virtual learning still has some work to do to match face-to-face teaching with initial findings showing 34% of educators reporting their students are not engaged or have limited engagement in their learning online.
  • We are aware special needs education has been even more challenging during Covid – for students, educators and parents. Current findings show only 5% of parents and 6% of students report that the support for special needs has been sufficient whilst learning online during Covid.

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