Our Story

Ontoit has built a reputation with governments and the private sector for shaping and developing the infrastructure that strengthens communities, securing the future for all Australians.

Founded in 2005, Ontoit is a philosophy, a culture and a client promise. This speaks to our approach and the positive experience we aim to create in everything we do, for clients and their stakeholders, undertaking to deliver the most complex projects. Our advisors play a vital role delivering the outcomes needed to deliver the services Governments provide through civic, urban spaces, transport and social infrastructure. We are committed to making positive contribution to our communities.

Our team provide a personal commitment to the outcomes our clients seek. Through a deep knowledge of Government policy, the markets we operate in, meticulous planning, and technical expertise, we help clients adapt to change and seek to eradicate the uncertainty projects face.

Ontoit people are resilient, we bring a readiness to solve the unexpected, agility to adapt, and a tenacity to pursue perfection.

We bring this to life through
our client promise

Agility and adaptability

Success comes from our collaborative approach, resolving issues at all levels. Success is enhanced when it is achieved in a nimble manner – creating value through efficiency and effectiveness. We continually evolve with insights from both inside and outside the industry. We are a team of resilient people that adapt and deploy quickly to meet the needs and address the challenges facing our clients.


As leaders of the industry, we understand the vital role we play to motivate young people, empowering, inspiring and developing leaders for the future. We adapt innovative tools and apply best-practice techniques and technology. We’re committed to making a difference, accomplishing great things and inspiring our collaborators to do the same.

Meticulous planning

Robust, proven methodologies are applied to all projects, and customised methods and solutions are developed nimbly, as needed – always with a focus on project outcomes.

Impact aware

At every opportunity we make considered choices, knowing full well that actions today will have an important impact on our futures. We take every opportunity through a project process to influence and advocate for positive outcomes. We harness, retain, and share the lessons learnt, providing our clients with the ability to make smarter decisions, mitigate risk, and deliver more while consuming less.