Ontoit Board Update

Ontoit Global (Ontoit) is pleased to announce that it has appointed Susan Allen and Andrew McKinley to its Board of Directors.

Susan Allen joins the Board as an Independent Non-Executive Director and has also been appointed to the Board’s Appointments and Remuneration Committee. Andrew McKinley will replace Martin Coates as an Executive Director of the Board and has also been appointed to the Board’s Risk Committee. All changes took effect from the 27 August 2021.

Susan Allen is an experienced Non-Executive Director and Chair. Susan brings her broad experience as a senior executive in large complex organisations across financial services, consumer services, logistics, infrastructure and the public sector to the Board. She brings considerable expertise in corporate strategy and infrastructure management systems to the table.

As a Managing Partner at Ontoit, Andrew McKinley leads the Project Management and Assets team in Victoria. Andrew brings a deep knowledge of the construction industry as an award-winning project manager and leader of significant civic infrastructure projects. Andrew’s perspectives as a member of the senior management team, an active participant in AIPM and as an advisor to key government agencies will be welcome inputs to the Board.

The Chair of the Board, Colin Jordan said:

“On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank Martin Coates for his valuable contribution to the Ontoit Board over the last four years. Martin has been a very valuable member of the Board, providing considered judgement and thoughtful and logical contributions from a separate and independent perspective. I am thrilled that Martin will continue to support our key clients in housing and the arts as a Partner at Ontoit. He is continuing his vital role in delivering the largest social and community program in Australia.

I am delighted to welcome Susan and Andrew to the Board. These two appointments add valuable skills, diversity and independence to our Board. Susan’s leadership and expertise in people, culture and governance will be a significant addition to this business where people are our most valuable asset.

Andrew brings industry and operating experience to our Board, and we look forward to Andrew’s contribution in continuing to strengthen and grow Ontoit.”